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Intro Course to Pitch Your Book To Hollywood

  • 5Days
  • 14Steps


BOOK-TO-SCREEN INTRO COURSE with USA Today Bestselling Author Michele Barrow-Belisle An introduction to selling your book to Hollywood even if you're Indie Published. We've distilled our flagship course into 5 bite-sized and actionable steps to determine if your book or series is suited for the screen. It will get you thinking about ways to get your story into the hands of people who can make your Book-to-Screen dreams a reality. Discover why it’s easier than ever to sell your story to Hollywood, and why networks are starting for fresh new content, like yours. In this intro course, you’ll learn: •What to pitch (having a great story is just the beginning) •How to pitch (there's a right way and a wrong way) •Who to pitch (do you have a dream list of people you'd love to work with?) •How to connect with them (hint: it's about relationship building) Ready to take the next steps toward your dream of seeing your story on screen? Let's begin!

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